Kisi Ko Tabah Karne Ka Wazifa ,” You can never know what will happen next in your life as unexpected things happen to every single individual. There are sometimes people in our lives who only want bad things to happen with us. These people are our enemies.It is also not only the people but jinns that can harm us in many different ways.
They want to destroy us in ways so that we become weak and give up on life. However, this should never be the case because you must never give up no matter what happens.

Kisi Ko Tabah Karne Ka Wazifa

In Islam, there are ways in which such bad negative people and jinss can be kept away from you.You can make use of wazifas and many more ways to be destroy the evil people who are out to destroy you. You should have complete faith on Allah and that he will be there to protect you always.

Do you want to destroy a person completely because they have done the same to you? You can do so with the help of reciting specific verses from Quran. Here is kisi ko tabah karne ka wazifa:

This is specifically applied to those people who are annoying you on purpose such as those who are not vacating your house.
You must do this procedure specifically in the evening.
There must be seven pieces of rock salt kept before you read the surah.
You should recite Surah Asar for 21 repetitions while you have a piece of rock salt before you.
Put the rock salt in the fire one by one after the recitations while saying your enemy’s name.
They will stop bothering you once and for all.
This method is to get rid of the person who is bothering you.
You must take a fresh lemon and keep it right in front of you.
After sunset, you have to recite Surah for 100 repetitions and then blow on the lemon. You must be saying your enemy’s name while you blow on the lemon.
Keep doing this until 1000 repetitions of the Surah have been completed.
Repeat this complete procedure for 21 days consecutively.
After the 21 days have been completed, you must throw the lemon inside a well that has water in it.
This wazifa is to cause the person some physical pain in his body.
You must take a nail and then as you hold it, you must recite Surah Naas for 1100 repetitions.
After that, you must burn it until it gets extremely hot. It should be in reddish color when it is very hot.
Now put the nail in the photo of the person; exactly where you want the person to feel pain.
Are you having a problem with your enemy? Is he bothering you very much such that are unable to live your life peacefully? Following is a powerful dushman ko barbad karne ka wazifa:

You must first make ablution in the morning.
Then you should be seated in a neat and clean place which is completely pure.
Write the name of your enemy and his/her mother’s name on a piece of paper.
Recite the Darood Ibrahim for 11 repetitions.
Recite the Surah Kausarr for 11 times.
Now blow on a stick of neem for 10 times.
Repeat the previous steps for 10 more times so that in total you have repeated the line mentioned above for 1000 repetitions.
Recite the Darood Ibrahim for 11 repetitions and blow on the neem stick once again.
Now you must take the paper on which you wrote and wrap it fully around the neem stick. You should ideally use a black thread to do this.
You should keep this safely in a secure place so that no one can see it.

Kisi Ko Tabah Karne Ka Wazifa

A hamzad is said to be a jinn that comes with a person when they are born. This is the reason why a hamzad is believed to be unique to each person. The hamzad is always seen as a negative influence. This is because the hamzad may make you do things that you would normally never think of doing under normal circumstances.

Hamzad can be a bad influence on you and you might get into trouble because of it. Hence, it becomes imperative that you find and utilize a strong hamzad tabah karne ka amal. This amal will make you get rid of the evil jinn that guides you to wrong paths and you will be free from its influence for the rest of your life.

There are several different ways in which you can harm your enemyso that he suffers a lot. You must ensure that his life deserves to be destroyed. Here are kisi ko barbad karne ka tarika:

Kisi Ko Tabah Karne Ka Wazifa

You can make a dua to Allah.
You can perform an istikhara to guide you to a specific path.
You can read an amal.
You can take the help of a taweez.
You can consult various experts who might have an idea.
You can read a wazifa.
This is a specific method that ensures that the person who is bothering you is completely destroyed.
You must go to a crossroad where four roads meet.
Then collect dust from the center point.
You should then recite the Surah for 71 timesand then throw the dust in the person’s house.
This must be done for a duration of 71 days regularly.
Make sure that when you do this you are eating black pepper or you are eating something that has a sour taste.

Kisi Ko Tabah Karne Ka Wazifa

You have seen that there are various ways in which you can destroy evil people and hamzads. You have the power to destroy anyone if they have wronged you and if they deserve it. However, you must know that people who make hasty decisions tend to regret it later in life. Moreover, you must be extremely cautious before you do something drastic like destroying someone’s life forever. Hence, it is vital that you think through properly before taking a decision.

There is always something good in everyone. You must try to see that.You must never fear because Allah will always be there for youto guide you. All you need to do is be a devout Muslim and you will have his blessings at all times. Allah can test you at times but you need to remain emotionally and mentally strong every day of your life.

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